Mind Wannabha

– Physiotherapist –


     a treatment with high quality and modern equipment by professional and experience physiotherapist named Mind Wannabha

     She is Mind Wannabha, a professional physiotherapist and the owner of “Physiofit Phuket Clinic” I have a strong determination to release those injured people or with-pain people to be well ASAP. Since I have opened the clinic, people get well by our clinic quite much then it comes up with words of mouth from one to one. So, that’s why people keep coming to our clinic every times they need therapy.

     For the another specialized skill of her is “Beauty Physiotherapy”. So, our services would be developed for this competency in the near future.


Cervical-Lumbar Traction


• Straightening of spinal curves

• Stretching of the spinal 


• Distraction or separation of 

   the vertebral bodies

Ultrasound Therapy


Muscle and connective tissue 

   (ligaments, tendons and fascia 


• Reduction of edema

• Increase local blood circulation

• Changed nerve conduction velocity

Electrical Stimulation

• Disuse atrophy prevention 

• Muscle strengthening 

• Muscle re-education 

• Pain relief 

• Reduction of edema

High Intensity Laser


• Anti-Inflammatory

• Pain relief

• Faster wound and sports injury


• Accelerated tissue repair and 

   cell growth

• Faster wound and sports

  injury healing



• Reduces muscle fatigue 

  and promotes blood flow 

  for faster recovery

Paraffin Theraphy


• Increase blood circulation

• Decrease numbness in your hands

  or feet

• Increase joint mobility

Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue Massage

•  Help Reduce High Blood Pressure

•  Reduce Stress, Anxiety

   and Muscle Tension

•  Break The Tissue Of The Scar

•  Improve Athletic Recovery

   and Performance




•  Reducing the levels of pain and

   discomfort from your injury

•  Increasing the range of motion of

   your joints

•  Improving the movement quality

   of your joints

Excercise + Home Program

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Mind Wannabha

Mind Wannabha

– Physiotherapist –

Janny Jannifer

Janny Jannifer

– Physiotherapist –

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